Neera Adarkar
Architect & Urban Reseracher, Chairperson; Society for Environment and Architecture &
Honorary Professor 

Ravindra Punde
Urban Planner & Environmentalist; Member, Governing Council
& Honorary Professor

Pankaj Joshi
Conservation Architect & Urbanist; Chairperson, Governing Council
& Honorary Professor

Arun Kale 
Architect; Chairperson, Executive Committee
& Honorary Professor

Savita Punde
Landscape Architect; Member, Governing
Council & Honorary Professor

Rupali Gupte
Architect, Urbanist, Artist; Director & Professor

Prasad Shetty
Urbanist; Dean & Professor

Gauri Joshi
Architect; Member, Governing
Council & Assistant Professor (Adjunct)

Anuj Daga
Architect, Writer & Curator; Assistant Professor &
Co-ordinator, SEA City

Apurva Talpade
Architect, Artist & Designer; Assistant Professor &
Co-ordinator, SEA Press

Dipti Bhaindarkar
Architect & Urban Designer; Assistant Professor &
Head of Administration

Dushyant Asher
Architect & Computational Artist; Assistant Professor

Manasvi Patil
Architect; Assistant Professor

Milind Mahale

Architect & Product Designer; Assistant Professor

Prasad Khanolkar
Architect; Assistant Professor &
Co-ordinator, Centre
for Spatial Studies

Rohit Mujumdar
Architect & Urbanist; Assistant Professor

Vastavikta Bhagat
Architect & Artist; Assistant Professor &
Co-ordinator, SEA-Archives

Abhijit Ekbote
Architect & GIS Expert; Associate Professor (Adjunct)

Kausik Mukhopadyay
Artist; Associate Professor (Adjunct)

Pratik Katalkar
Civil Engineer & Structural Expert; Assistant Professor

Saurabh Barde
Architect & Environmental Expert; Assistant Professor

Mythili Shetty 
Architect; Assistant Professor 

Tamal Mitra

Artist; Associate Professor (Adjunct)

Arpita Singh

Librarian & Archivist

Sunil Jhambulkar
Workshop Supervisor & Resident Technician

Pawan Vishwakarma
Assistant Workshop Supervisor & Resident Carpenter

Kiran Saidane
Admin. & Accounts Officer

Trupti Chavan
Admin. Officer - General

Sandeep Menon
Admin, Officer - Students Affairs

Vidhi Patel
Assistant Accounts Officer

Sameer Kanade

Admin. Assistant

Joel D’Souza
Assistant Archivist

Narayan Nimbalkar
Office Assistant

Swapnil Shinde
Office Assistant


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