The Society for Environment and Architecture is established and run by a group of academics. It is not supported by any government or private organization. SEA aims at creating an equitable and challenging academic environment. Its engagements include providing relevant architectural education; creation of space for research; and public discussions through talks, exhibitions, conferences, and community engagements. All of these activities are supported by the members and friends of SEA.

There are numerous ways you can contribute and help sustain this academic momentum.  


1. Support Students

Architectural education is expensive and is not affordable to large numbers of students.

Students can be supported through direct financial support (paying of fees or providing funds for non-fees expenditure) or support for facilities and special care (like provision of laptops, stationery, support for study tours, support for counselling, English enhancement, high-speed internet, books, etc.). Small amounts of funds provided to needy students go a long way in supporting their education.

Every year, the Students Support and Welfare Committee of SEA draws up a financial estimation for such support based on a detailed evaluation of students’ background and current financial condition. Kindly get in touch with us if you intend to support any needy student at
2. Support Research & Publications

Currently, in India, the state of knowledge and its production in spatial fields is very poor. SEA has established the Centre for Spatial Studies with intention of developing new knowledge through intensive and rigourous research. While all the members of SEA are actively involved in this initiative, funds are required for several components of the research activity like the hiring of research associates and assistants, undertaking surveys, undertaking field trips, printing and modeling costs, etc. SEA also offers research fellowships and special courses (for the public) under this initiative.

SEA has also established SEA-PRESS to publish new knowledge through its research projects, invited research papers, and pedagogic explorations periodically in hard and soft formats. The expenses here include editorial, designing, and printing costs.

Any support for the research and publishing activities of SEA shall be very significant to add to the strengthening of intellectual capacities of the country. All supporters shall be adequately acknowledged in all online and offline publications. Kindly get in touch with us if you intend to support the research and publishing activities at
3. Support Public Engagements

As an important part of academia and with the objectives of creating public awareness and discussions, SEA hosts a series of programmes for the general public which is offered free of cost. For this purpose, SEA-CITY was established as a public platform. Every year, more than 16 public lectures, an international conference, at least one architectural exhibition, book launches, round table discussions, research symposiums, and many other public engagement activities are conducted by SEA-CITY. These are important towards sensitizing the populace in issues related to human habitation.

We invite patrons to support this important activity which seeks to make a cultural intervention and develop a sensitive society. All supporters shall be adequately acknowledged in all publicity materials. Kindly get in touch with us if you intend to support the activities of SEA-CITY at

4. Support the Space

The initial infrastructure of SEA at its Borivali campus was set up by the members of the Society for Environment and Architecture. There is however a constant need to upgrade technologies, enhance the environment and surroundings, develop new computing and modeling facilities, etc. We request patrons to consider support for such infrastructure development at SEA as this would become the backbone of academia. Kindly get in touch with us if you intend to help SEA develop its infrastructure and facilities at


Please direct us or introduce us to any organizations/NGOs that support educational and extracurricular activities. Also, help us connect with other resource persons and kindred souls who would like to share the work of the school and contribute to it.

All contributions to SEA can avail income tax benefits under Indian Laws.
If you have any questions please email us at

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