Dushyant Asher

Curriculum Vitae

Email Id: dushyant@sea.edu.in
Website: https://www.theurbanproject.in/

Dushyant is an architect and technology enthusiast, interested in exploring processes and systems of (space) making. His interests in research and experimentation led him to the academic space. He has been a part of many architecture schools in Mumbai since 2013. His works and interests involve computational processes and material explorations through cultural means and technological possibilities.

Dushyant studied architecture at the L.S.Raheja School of Architecture in Mumbai and went on to do his masters in Advanced Architecture Design at the Stäedelschule Architecture Class, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. He has worked with studios and practices of art and architecture at many scales and materialities, including his co-founded practise The Urban Project, based in Mumbai.

Important works:
Installation ‘the floating roof’ at ‘When is Space?’ Conversations in Contemporary Architecture' commissioned by the Jawahar Kala Kendra (2018)
The gravity chair, 2021

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