Rohit Mujumdar

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Rohit Mujumdar is an urban planner and architect, and a student of Southern cities and urbanisation. His current research attends to the myriad ways in which monsoon’s everyday wetness and its extreme events weave into the urban majority’s life in coastal monsoonal geographies, and explores the possibilities of decolonising and democratising climate action. Drawing upon ethnography and history to dwell into the practices and spatialities, this research engages with current conversations on wet ontologies, biosocial natures, difference, southern knowledge epistemologies, complex systems, legal and political pluralism, and the role and potential of storytelling and multimedia in advancing spatial theory and a transdisciplinary urban practice. His prior research engagements in India have focused on coastal urban regeneration, urban transition in metrocity peripheries, heritage and environment conservation, urban infrastructure planning, collective action in response to large-scale urbanisation and infrastructure projects, refugee resettlement and rehabilitation, and emerging contexts of housing and urbanisation in second cities.

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