Prasad Khanolkar

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Prasad Khanolkar is an urbanist, currently based in Mumbai. His academic background includes Architecture (B.Arch, KRVIA), Regional Planning (MRP, Cornell University), and a joint degree in Geography, Planning and South Asian Studies (PhD, University of Toronto). As an urban practitioner and a scholar,  Prasad is primarily interested in the incongruous and collaborative operations through which marginalised urban residents assemble urban lives and habitats in different cities of the Global South. Following this pursuit, he has worked as a planner, designer and researcher in different cities, including Mumbai, Gurgaon, Portland, Nairobi and Addis Ababa. In these cities, his individual and collaborative work has focused on questions of housing, infrastructures, governance, informality, and urban redevelopment. His work has been published in the form of book chapters and journal articles, as well as exhibited in art and architecture exhibitions. He recently published his sole authored book Passages of Play in Urban India: People, Media, Objects and Spaces in Mumbai's Slum Localities (Routledge, 2022).

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