Tushar Rajkumar

Curriculum Vitae

Email Id: tushar@sea.edu.in

Tushar Rajkumar graduated as an architect from DIT Dehradun and with a Master of
Architecture in Architectural Design from CEPT. He interned and worked in TPK, Manipur, where he designed and executed various projects, from housing, educational centres and sports complexes. He worked with SCI at Banglore, involved in the landscape for apartments, office complexes, and resorts. With Artizen, Banglore, he worked on high-end office interiors, furniture design, and the design and building of a PEB office building, spa, and indoor gym. He also worked with permaculturists in Anatagram, designing a master plan and doing fieldwork.

As an educator, he has taught at CEPT, Ahmedabad, conducting three design studios: Hybrid-Workplace, Travellers Home, and Object to World. At CARE School of Architecture, he conducted design studios: Live, Work & Play (an urban insert rock fort) and Rural Studio: documentation and design of the life-world of Poombari.

His interest is seeded in the society and culture of his upbringing (Manipur, Northeast India). He also presented a paper in a workshop on “Awareness of Built Environment” organised by Manipur Architecture Forum and a lecture on “Introduction to Bamboo Design” at Jmia, CEPT, and CARE School of Architecture. His keen interest lies in exploring the social fabric enveloped by the built environment.

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