The School of Environment & Architecture is set up as an academic space that furthers the discipline of architecture, enlarges it and makes it relevant for contemporary and future times. Along with sourcing experts and specialists from across the world, the institution also strives to provide best resources for its staff and students Currently, the School runs an undergraduate course in architecture offering a B-Arch. degree, affiliated to the University of Mumbai and approved by the Council of Architecture.



The Centre for Spatial Studies (CSS) is a node for intersections of spatial practices. It aims at developing an ecosystem for experimental research, open pedagogy, and collaborative production of knowledge.


SEA City is a platform to organize events, lectures, symposia and exhibitions in order to engage with the larger artistic and cultural discursive sphere within and outside the city.


SEA Press is a disseminating platform for different initiatives at SEA concerned with giving shape and structure to the works and critical reflections on them.

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