School of Environment and Architecture

SEA aims at creating an equitable and challenging educational envionrment. Its curricular engagments also extend out to create new post educational spaces thorugh its public talks, exhibitions, seminars and community engagements. There are numerous ways you can contribute and help sustain the school's momentum. For your finanial assistance you would be given a receipt and ID to track the use of the donation  



Funding an endowment is one of the most selfless acts of benevolence, which an individual or a company can make. These are permanent investments in the school. The donated funds would be deposited with the school and the principal is never spent. Rather, the distributions would be from the earned interest, which would be allocated to donor’s indicated area of financial support. The remaining interest is reinvested, thereby helping the fund to grow year by year. 

List of Endowments

Student Fellowships

These can help support a student's full or partial tution fees.  Financial incentives often make a big difference for needy aspiring students. Student fellowships would be given to students on the basis of their need. 

Annual Scholarships

Annual scholarships would be given to students at the annual function depending on their merit during the preceding year. Annual Scholarships would help the school to award meritorious students and encourage them to strive harder for success.

General Donation

A general donation could be made at an institutional level to support the school’s academic and extracurricular activities.



These grants would be directly given to students who would be chosen on their merit at the end of each academic year. These grants would also help students from weaker economic backgrounds.

  • Reimbursement of Fees – Become a Sponsor
  • Travel Grants
  • Book Grants
  • Stationary Grants
  • Donate Books to Students
  • Donate laptops to students
  • Model Making Material Donation



SEA aims to bring about continual enhancement of infrastructure and technology within its premises. The grants and donations for the below mentioned heads would help us expand our infrastructure.

  • Funding overall Infrastructure creation
  • Funding for the Library
  • Funding for the Computer Lab
  • Funding for the Workshop 
  • Funding for the Material Laboratory
  • Donating material 
  • Donating Books to the Library
  • Donating Hardware(s) / Software(s) 


SEA intends to enhance the academic curriculum with the help of eminent professionals in the field. Your contribution would help support the following activities:

  • Funding Academic Events
  • Supporting Study Tours
  • Supporting Exchange Programs
  • Master Classes



SEA is looking for grants that can support its ongoing research and dissemination activities in the field of architecture, urbanism and art. The school has built up considerable reputation over the last year and aims to further streamline the following activities:

  • Research & Publications
  • Exhibitions
  • Annual Lectures
  • Symposiums
  • SEA Conversations (Fortnightly Lecture Series)
  • Research Fellowships


Please direct us or introduce us to any organizations/NGOs who support educational and extra curricular ativities. Also help us connect with other resource persons and kindred souls who would like to share the work of the school and contribute to it. 


If you have any questions please email us on

A pdf of the brochure for seeking support is attached here

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