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Four Conversations on Spatial Pedagogy 

6 February, 2021
from 1300 to 2115 IST
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The modern anchors of spatial pedagogy that consolidated in the last century are under tremendous interrogation. The supremacy of orthography and cartography, the objectification of environment; the standardisation of inhabitation, and the dominance of linear factory processes in building are all being critically examined. Classical ideas of the field, the archive, the classroom, conceptual frameworks are also simultaneously getting reconfigured, where the distinctions between teacher and student, self and the other, theory and practice, product and process, and physical and digital space are blurring. In many ways, the monolithic modern educational institution for spatial pedagogy is reconfiguring into a fuzzy space, facilitating autonomous selves into becoming autodidacts. This is surely a liberating experience of post-institution, where pedagogy seems to be leaving the bureaucratic clutches of educational institutions. How does one then think of pedagogy and what should educational institutions transform into? 

Four conversations are organized as a part of this symposium to discuss the emerging contours and coordinates of spatial pedagogy. These conversations are held around experiments and research undertaken at SEA on drawing, environmental studies, habitat studies and emerging technologies. 

All timestamps are IST

INTRODUCTION / 1300 - 1315
Prasad Shetty

CONVERSATION 1 / 1315 - 1500
Emerging Questions in Pedagogy of Habitation
Gautam Bhan, Shreyank Khemalapure, Vastavikta Bhagat and Vishwanath Kashikar

CONVERSATION 2 / 1515 - 1700
Visual Culture and Architectural Pedagogy
Anuj Daga, Apurva Talpade, Niall Hobhouse, Sanchayan Ghosh and Ya'ara Gil-Glazer

CONVERSATION 3 / 1715 - 1900
Pedagogy in the times of Digital / DIY / New Media Ecologies
Bhavleen Narula, Dipti Bhaindarkar, Dushyant Asher and Kush Patel

CONVERSATION 4 / 1915 - 2100
Thinking through Temporalities and Care in Habitation
Gediminas Urbonas, Mriganka Madhukaillya, Rohit Mujumdar and Sabaa Giradkar

Rupali Gupte


on Saturday,
6th February 2021
from 1300 hrs to 2115 hrs IST

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The event is free and open to everyone across the world.

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