School of Environment and Architecture


WiFi enabled Classrooms

WiFi enabled Classrooms

Studio spaces

Each studio is web enabled and capacitated to hold 40 students. 

Wood Workshop

The wood workshop has the most up to date machines to create small to medium sized projects.

Resource Centre and Library

The SEA Resource centre is equipped with more than 2500 books. In addition, the library has subscription to national and international journals. The centre also has a growing archive of images and works of architects and student research.

Computer Lab 

SEA is equipped with computer facilities for students. It also has 3D printing facility.

Audio Visual Room

SEA has contained spaces for smaller, intimate lectures, seminars, reviews and pin-ups. The space is equipped for screenings and traditional format lectures.

Exhibition Space

The exhibition space has facility for workshops, installations and pin-ups.

Multipurpose Areas

SEA is one of the few architecture campuses in the city to have large open ground as well as free space where various kinds of activities are programmed. The ground is available for putting up full scale installations, paviliions, exhibitions or even open for sports and recreational activities for students.

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