School of Environment and Architecture

Director's Address

Education in the sphere of built-environment and Architecture is facing some serious challenges for the future. Developmental thinking and its relevance to a society, working with challenges around uncertainties of environmental conditions and opportunities with emerging technologies are some of the key areas we engage with at SEA. All these concerns drive the production of Architecture. We believe that the youth today is deeply engaged with these issues and is constructing new questions. We are committed to an investigative academic environment that is open to emerging ideas and forms of practices that the younger generations are seeking. We believe in a new academic environment that is open, participatory and very engaging. To foster such a culture, we are invested in some of the finest teachers, researchers, scholars and practitioners. In addition, our academic programme is structured differently. Learning is done in an integrated manner.  

We have a unique module-based education that allows students to mentally focus on one task at a time. To facilitate this, our studios are open 24x7 exclusively available to our students. A state of the art workshop and a well-equipped Library are some of the key components of our institution. The school lays great emphasis on Learning through the ‘Field’. Towards this end, the school organises extensive travel programmes every semester. A student discussion forum “SEA Assembly” every week to talk about current issues, and a series of fortnightly public lectures by eminent people from all walks of life is organised to keep the students abreast with the most pertinent questions in our society.

At SEA our endeavour is to mould new and imaginative leadership that is confident of operating across different environments in a manner that is sensitive, relevant and productive.

Ravindra Punde,

Director, Trustee

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