School of Environment and Architecture


engagement with varying contexts.The education imparted at SEA is aimed at responding to cultural, technological and economic contexts of society and oriented towards bringing about economic, social and gender equity in environment and architecture. It also focuses on creating relevance in discourse and practice of architecture along with criticality and delight in design. 

SEA aims at creating architects who are sensitive to contexts, critical in orientation, creative in explorations, and equipped with relevant skills. It aims at bringing the discipine of architecture out of its compartmentalised specialisations, into a creative multidisciplinary engagement.

School of Environment and Architecture (SEA) is conceived as a school aimed at providing each individual in the school with a space for riyaz, and a contact with the world. Riyaz is an Indian term that encompasses the notions of perpetual experimentation of thought, practice, self evaluation and growth. This entails constant interaction with  theoreticians and  practitioners from across the world and a  deep  rooted


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