School of Environment and Architecture

Suvidya Prasarak Sangh

The School of Environment and Architecture (SEA) is a joint initiative of Suvidya Prasarak Sangh (SPS) and Society For Environment and Architecture (SEA Mumbai). Suvidya Prasarak Sangh is a community based organization with an experience of over 40 years in running educational institutions. SPS was formed in 1971 by a neighborhood community to provide education to children.  It was initiated by Baburao Paranjape, a pioneer in the cooperative housing movement of Mumbai. Today, SPS has more than 1200 members and is a renowned educational organization in Borivali educating more than 5000 students. It runs four primary and secondary schools (three in Marathi and one in the English medium) ; one junior college; vocational programmes for nursing, building maintenance; medical lab technology, marketing & sales and several sports training programmes. These schools and programmes are situated at various locations across Borivali in the Nothern suburbs of Mumbai. SPS’s orientation and approach has been educational, not commercial and has strived towards providing affordable, relevant, value-based and good quality education to students from all sections of society. SPS is supported by numerous small and big donors and a committed set of highly experienced individuals who look after its day to day management. 


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