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The Society for Environment and Architecture is a collective of architects based in Mumbai,  specializing in architecture, urbanism, environment and other allied disciplines. This collective has immense experience in research, development, architecture, planning and advocacy. The Society is registered in Mumbai under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. It works towards creating a vibrant, equitable, multidisciplinary and interactive hub for education, research and advocacy.


towards establishing a full-fledged graduate programme in architecture; innovatively structured to draw from relevant research and advocacy activities. In the long term it will extend to include post-graduate and allied programmes. 


built-form, culture and environment with a specific emphasis on Indian and South Asian conditions.


towards creating an interface for different social actors to engage with each other, towards a just and efficient society. This objective will be achieved through workshops, conferences, exhibitions, publications and  community engagements.



on  new   and  emerging  contexts  and    their  interplay  with 

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