School of Environment and Architecture

Associate Professors 



Rohit Mujumdar
Architect & Urban Planner

Assistant Professors

Research Associates

Resource Persons

Along with an active full time and part time faculty, SEA is associated with a wide network of resource persons who expand to be studio mentors, site tutors, lecturers, guest faculty, guides for study tours, employers and develop relationships beyond.
We hope to keep expanding to the below-mentioned list of resource persons. 

George Jose, anthropologist

Suraj Pandit, archaeologist

Mitra Parikh, literatry critic

Chaitanya Mehta, structural engineer

Najeeb Shariff, structural engineer

Avinash Pathare, artist

Snehal Vadher, writer

Vani Subramanian, artist

Pratik Dhanmer, architect

Suhas Chande, structural engineer

Samir Raut, architect

Gauri Satam, architect

Achyut Bidkar, architect

Ambadas Bidkar, artist

Kartik Gala, architect

Martina Spies, architect

Archana Hande, artist

Madhushree Dutta, film maker

Kapil Bassi, management

Anjali Monterio, media theorist

K P Jayasankar, media theorist

Anagram (Office)

Design Jatra (Office)

Put Your Hands Together (Office)

Sanjay Prakash, architect

Chitra Vishwanath, architect

Abhilasha Porwal, architect

Kalpit Ashar, architect

Mayuri Sisodia. architect

Malak Singh Gill, architect