School of Environment and Architecture

Advisory Board

SEA has an advisory board comprising of eminent practitioners from various disciplines. This Board is expected to provide directions to the policies and activities of the school. 

Academic Council

The multi disciplinary academic board of SEA expands upon existing educational vision of the school and informs its pedagogical trajectory.

Madhusree Dutta

Cultural Theorist,

Film Maker, Founder &

Executive-Director, Majlis

Mitra Parikh

Cultural Theorist, 

Head, Dept. of English,

SNDT University

Prasad Modak

Environmental Engineer,


Environmental Management

Center, Mumbai

Ravi Hazra


Ex-Prof., IDC, IIT,



Uday Athavankar


Ex. Prof. IDC, IIT,


Kiran Kapadia


Founder, Director,

Kapadia Associates

Gurdev Singh


Dean, School of Environment

Design & Architecture,

Navrachana University

Gulam Mohammed Sheikh

Artist & Educationist

Ashok Lall

Architect & Academician

Ashish Ganju

Architect & Academician

Amita Bhide

Social Scientist,
Chairperson -Center of
Urban Planning,Policy
and Governance, TISS

Rahul Mehrotra

Architect & Academician,
Department of Urban
Planning and Design at
Harvard University's
Graduate School of Design 

Shyam Benegal

Eminent Film-maker 

Ajit Ranade

Economist & Political Analyst,
President and Chief Economist
of the Aditya Birla Group. 

Sameep Padora


Founder, sP+a