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Construction of Space and Place
Girish Doshi

“It is alarming that publications devoted to architecture have banished from their pages the words beauty, inspiration, magic, spellbound, enchantment, as well as the concepts of serenity, silence, intimacy, and amazement The whole sense and hope in architecture to me is related as a calm existence and a depth in what one feels and experiences that, might be one of the essential problems of architecture today.”
- Luis Barragan on receiving the 1980 Pritzker Architecture prize
Today, looking at the rampant growth of what is at present eulogized as ‘modern’ – images of clusters of houses, courts, plinths, chawls, busy streets, city squares – with groups of people gathered here and there, seem nothing but, a utopian image. Can we attempt a eulogy of the ‘modern’ to infuse it with the essence of the ‘bygone?’ Maybe, get people to take center-stage again, give them a central place, with seats and few steps, terraces - small but not dead. And they will probably sit there, once in a while, to enjoy the soft twilight rays or, the twinkling sky at night; when they will accidentally meet each other. And, maybe someday they will fall into a habit of gathering there, to meet each other - to celebrate; in a space, which would then remind us of the ones from our past – those of family courts and ottas.

About the Speaker:
Girish Doshi is an architect based in Pune involved in designing residences and institutions. After graduating from BKPS School of Architecture, Pune University in 1980, he joined Master Architect Balkrishna Doshi’s studio ‘Sangath’ in Ahmedabad . After seven years of unconditional apprenticeship with him, he started his own studio ‘Navkar’, in Pune in 1987. His construction technique is strongly influenced from his guru Engineer Vishnu Joshi techniques of cost-effective construction now known as ‘Vishnu Padhat’. He is currently Design Chair at Brick School of Architecture, where he promotes young talent, organizes sessions inviting people from varied fields. When it comes design philosophy, his practice believes that architecture is not a simple manipulation of forms, but is about the construction of space and place.

on Friday, 23th March 2O18, at 6.3O pm

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