School of Environment and Architecture

Approach & Orientation


Module Based Education The ‘Module Based Education’ is a model where students are taken through a series of events (modules) in a year. Each module is an intensive 14 day (approx 118 hrs) programme on a specific subject. Every semester will have around 5 modules (10 per year). Each module will be conducted by one Mentor-Professor (subject-expert / scholar / practitioner / faculty from other university) who will be assisted by a resident Assistant Professor (AP) and resident Research Associate (RA). Every module will have a preparatory period of two days and an evaluation / documentation period of two days. The mentor-professor is expected to spend around 7-10 days with students. The module-based model is adopted for two reasons – first, to source expert faculty from across the world as skills to develop and impart specialized knowledge is scattered; and second to develop an intense, focused and rigorous but integrated attitude in education.

Focus on Research SEA’s aim is to produce thinking individuals. Towards this end, the school will have a high emphasis on Research and critical thinking. The curriculum is built with this in mind. The academic programme will have an active engagement with SEA Studio, and SEA City, the school’s Research and Advocacy initiatives.

Focus on Making  SEA aims at a mutlidiscplinary engagement with architectural education. Thinking and Making will form the core values of its curriculum. Towards this end, SEA will strive to bring the best resources in terms of people and facilities to the students.